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Build for Urban Cities

“We build what we love. We build quality! Not quantity”

Transforming the cargo bike into a Highly Next Generation Bike

If you still think cars, even electric cars, are the
future of urban transportation, think again!

Unique combination tilt and a low center of gravity with specially developed steering inclination system.
Intelligent Electric Torque Motor with its clever compact design. This is everything you need in an e-bike.
Engineered for performance with cutting edge technology Integrated with GPS & motion detection.

Fiil e-motion Bike's frame allows drivers to maintain increased driving stability which
enhances traffic safety & driving experience in corners.

We manufacture all parts on a precise CNC milling and turning machine from
high quality aluminium. Which results in a Light Frame Combined With High Rigidity.

We pride ourselves in achieving precision and reliability through
computer-aided design and production as well as automated robot welding of the
aluminium frame.

EU Law
Throttle and Pedal Assist
4 Hours
Charging Time
25 km/h
Per Hour
Lights Lumen Rating
48 V

Developed, manufactured and tested. Down to the smallest detail.


High-quality and functional components such as lower box that’s looks good and convince in terms of comfort across the board. A high level of safety, perfected ergonomics and clear design come together.


48 V battery with the leading lithium-ion battery technology. Choose between standard Li-Ion cells with 1,500 Wh (up to 500 charging cycles) or the extra safe and long-lasting LiFePo4 cells with 750 Wh (up to 3,000 charging cycles). Additionally prepared for minimal charging times (1 hour to full charge).


The torque motor impresses with its clever, compact design. It is available in three versions with high torque and almost maintenance-free: As a pedelec with 250 W for 25 km / h.


If it rolls smoothly but too quickly, our powerful disc brakes guarantee full control and optimal braking behavior at all times. There are 2x160mm Brembo motorcycle disc brakes in the front and 260mm bicycle disc brakes in the rear.


“Too little tension on the chain” – that cannot happen to the e-motion. The carbon double belt drive from Gates does not require rust, grease or maintenance and is more robust than a chain. At the same time, it transmits the pedaling power just as efficiently as a classic drive.


With a load index of up to 150 kg per wheel, the tubeless Michelin low-profile tires are not only designed for relaxed journeys on a wide variety of surfaces, but also for heavy loads. The 17 “(70/90) rims are custom-made, cast and powdercoated.


Experience a unique combination: fun driving and at the same time transporting heavy loads up to 150 kg. Thanks to a low center of gravity and the specially developed steering inclination system , the load always remains in a horizontal position . So nothing stands in the way of a dynamic driving style , even with a heavy load.


Has been put through its paces by our team in the field countless times. The focus was on durability, handling and control. But that’s not all. The e-motion is tested in our internal test laboratory in a 24-hour continuous run. Among other things, the braking forces, the motor power and the maximum speed at maximum acceleration are measured. In this way we can ensure that our e-bike meets the highest demands.

Intelligent Power • Maximum Comfort • Complete Control